Creative Placemaking Plans

Through our distinct planning processes, NCCP helps position communities for short-term gains and long-term success. We not only produce plans; we also prepare leaders to implement and sustain them.

The plans we produce are based on six pillars of quality creative placemaking:

  • Building broad and diverse networks of leaders and partners.
  • Increasing opportunities for improving quality of life for more members of the community.
  • Growing economic opportunity for more members of the community.
  • Building healthier climates for creativity and cultural expression.
  • Engaging community assets cost-effectively.
  • Promoting the best and most distinct qualities of a community.

We do this by building effective creative teams, conducting sound technical analysis, engaging community stakeholders in culturally competent ways, and co-creating plans with stakeholders and the creative team. This way, we can create plans for any scale community, from a corridor to a multi-county region.

As an interdisciplinary organization, our in-house range of services includes community development, community engagement, landscape architecture, local economic development and research, and organizational development. NCCP regularly partners with Nishuane Group on land use and economic development services, with PlanSmart NJ on research, and with Sikora Wells Appel on site planning and architectural services. With decades of experience in community revitalization and planning, we can help you address your most pressing challenges.

Current and recent creative placemaking planning efforts include: